Essays and Blog Posts

“Why Teachers Need Their Freedom” The Atlantic (September 2017).

“A Teacher’s Anti-Solution to a Big Problem” Washington Post (July 2017).

“Why Grades are Not Paramount to Achievement” The Atlantic (June 2017).

“The Case for the Rebel” The Atlantic (May 2017).

“The Power of the Troublemaker” The Atlantic (May 2017).

“About that sulky, defiant student who I thought hated me” Washington Post (April 2017).

“The Power of a Myth” Washington Post (April 2017).

“Teacher of the Year Asks: Can We Stop Denigrating Teachers Now?” Washington Post (January 2017).

“When Narrative Matters More Than Fact” The Atlantic (January 2017).

“Teaching students about passion, dignity” The Courier Journal (December 2016).

“The Powerful Women in America’s Schools” The Atlantic (November 2016).

“Farm School: How an English Teacher got Schooled on the Farm” Literacy and NCTE (October 2016).

“How I Discovered the Real Influence of Teachers” Kentucky Teacher (October 2016).

“The Power of Just Shutting Up” Literacy and NCTE (September 2016).

“Can Morality be Taught?” The Atlantic (September 2016).

“Why white students need black teachers–by a white teacher” Washington Post (August 2016).

“Mini-Lessons from Finland for the New School Year” Literacy and NCTE (August 2016).

“I’ll ask a pilot how to fly a plane, not a CEO. Why won’t policymakers listen to educators?” Washington Post (August 2016).

“What if High School were more like Kindergarten?” The Atlantic (August 2016).

“What does it mean to be in a good school versus a bad school?” Education Post (July 2016).

“Finding the courage to say ‘I don’t know'” Kentucky Teacher (May 2016).

“Put down the bingo card” Kentucky Teacher (April 2016).

“How can we redefine student success?” Kentucky Teacher (March 2016).

“One teacher’s measure of student success” Courier Journal (March 2016).

“Both Sides of the Gap” The Education Trust (March 2016).

“Finding your vision takes time” Kentucky Teacher (February 2016).

“Why I #LoveTeaching” Kentucky Teacher (February 2016).

“Particularly Poetic and Patient: Mackenzie Berry” (February 2016).

“The new professionalism of teachers” Courier Journal (February 2016).

“I’m a teacher who hates technology–so let me design the products” EdSurge (February 2016).

“In the belly of the beast” Kentucky Teacher (January 2016).

“The pudding” Kentucky Teacher (December 2015).

“The Other Kind of Mommy Guilt” Sammiches and Psych Meds (November 2015).

“My Name is Mama” Sammiches and Psych Meds (October 2015).


“Down by the River” (short story) in Typehouse Magazine (January 2015).

“When the Soap Runs Out” (flash fiction) in The Molotov Cocktail (January 2015).

“When You Lose Your Memory” (flash fiction) in Eunoia Review (June 2015).

The Grandmothers Tribe (novel) e-published on

Podcasts and Videos

“The Student Who Raged Against My Politics” The Atlantic, What My Students Taught Me Audio Series, produced in collaboration with the Teacher Project, an education reporting fellowship at Columbia Journalism School (August 2017).

“Are Letter Grades an Accurate Reflection of Achievement?” The Joy Cardin Show, Wisconsin Public Radio (July 2017).

“Teach Like a Rebel with KY Teacher of the Year” TeachThought Podcast, May 2017).

“A New App for Teachers to Curate and Collaborate” Education Talk Radio (January 2017).

“Kentucky’s Teacher of the Year” Connections with Renee Shaw (December 2016).

“Teacher Leadership” Education Talk Radio (May 2016).



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