While in high school in the late seventies, my dad took every shop class his school offered.  He spent hours hanging out with the shop teacher (a man with whom he still visits occasionally), working on projects at home with his own carpenter dad, and losing himself in sawdust and splinters.  Because it was the seventies and things were quite different then, a guidance counselor advised him to go ahead and drop out of school since he’d taken all the shop he could–“There’s nothing else we can do for you here,” the counselor said.  So that’s exactly what my dad did:  He dropped out, joined the army, and years of sweat and toil later, he works as a carpenter to this day.

I always envied my dad because I never had a singular passion as he does.  I prefer to dip into what fancies me at the moment, and sometimes dip right out just as quickly.  I’m the girl who had about fifteen majors in college before I finally admitted what I’d known all along:  I’m a teacher-writer to the bone.  I download more samples on my Kindle than actual books because I want to read them all.  When I shop, I buy way too much and end up returning half of it (the Target customer service guy hates me).  I’m the person with too many thoughts at once, too many ideas to pursue, too many paths to follow just one.  But over the years, some of those little interests have developed into passions, even though I still can’t choose just one.  And I have a feeling that there are others out there just like me.

I teach. I write. I parent. I travel. I read. I nurture my marriage and my friendships. I try my damnedest to do something creative every day. Sometimes I watch way too much Neflix, and worry WAY too much. And after a life-changing diagnosis of Celiac disease, I spend a good amount of time reading ingredient labels.

And I’m the 2016 Kentucky Teacher of the Year.

This blog is about all of that and more because I just can’t commit to one life’s passion.  My life is about many passions.  It’s a beautiful junkyard.



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